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Invest in the Future by Supporting History Today

Join Our Monthly Giving Program and Make a Lasting Impact on the Next Generation!

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History is a window to our past and a bridge to our future. Every historical artifact and document holds within it a story, a connection to our shared human experience. Preserving and promoting history is not just about preserving the past, it's about creating a legacy that will enrich the lives of future generations. Your donation to our historical society will help us continue to protect and promote these valuable treasures. With your support, we can ensure that the history of our community, our nation, and our world will continue to be cherished and celebrated for years to come. Together, let's preserve and promote history for the betterment of our society and the world.

Your regular contribution will enable us to provide immersive learning experiences, interactive exhibits, and engaging resources that connect young people with our shared heritage, inspiring a lifelong love for history that will shape the leaders of tomorrow.

To donate by check, please make it to Jackson County Historical Society and mail it to:
Jackson County Historical Society, 1616 Edith Street, Murphysboro, IL 62966

For questions, please call us at (618) 684-6989.